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The Peaceful Revolution
Laurence Brahm

If we don't do anything about globalization and let it just happen — laissez-faire globalization — it will mean that the most powerful will take it all and the meek will lose everything. —Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

The Peaceful Revolution: Manifesto for a New Global Consensus


Alternative models for grass roots economic development such as micro-financing are now being widely adopted in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and elsewhere. New views on measuring development such as GDH (gross domestic happiness) have been adopted by Bhutan rather than GDP, and China’s own hybrid approach combining market and planned policy to achieve economic transformation offer new choices for developing countries. All of these are representative of a new wave of thinking that rejects the increasingly discredited policies of the IMF and World Bank.

  • It is easy to criticize the views of activists who take to the street every time the World Bank, IMF, WTO or World Economic Forum meet. However they are driven by hard concerns which are not calling for an end to globalization but a reorientation of what this means. They are challenging notions of accepted economic and business parlance, calling for fair trade rather than just free trade; balanced rather than fast growth; and protection of domestic cottage industries and with it ethnic diversification and social identity. In many respects the term is a misnomer. They are calling for fairer re-distribution of the fruits of globalization and a humane reduction of its side-effects through sensitivities to local conditional realities.
  • This book brings together the views of many of the world’s leading thinkers in alternative policy studies. Their collective views represent a fascinating insight into a growing movement that is slowly but surely affecting the way the world does business.
The Peaceful Revolution: Manifesto for a New Global Consensus, by Laurence Brahm
The Peaceful Revolution: Manifesto for a New Global Consensus, by Laurence Brahm

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments [i]

INTRODUCTION  Global Meltdown [1]

The Washington Consensus Goes Bust

CHAPTER 01 What’s Wrong with the Washington Consensus? [9]

It Forces Alien, Irrelevant Models on

Developing Societies

CHAPTER 02 The World Needs an Alternative [23]

Confessions of a Former Commercial


CHAPTER 03 Grassroots Approaches That Solve Real Problems [37]

Founding an NGO in the Himalayas

CHAPTER 04 The Peaceful Revolution [55]
Emergence of a Global Justice Movement

CHAPTER 05 Time to Revamp the WTO [65]

Joining the Peaceful Revolution

CHAPTER 06 Redefining Contemporary Development [75]

Trash the Ideology and Use What Works

CHAPTER 07 The Environmental Priority [91]
We Are Ruining the Earth Faster Than
the Global Economy is Growing

CHAPTER 08 The Micro-credit Revolution Works [107]

Small Finance is Beautiful and Can Improve Lives

CHAPTER 09 Begin by Reshaping Values [125]

The “Gross National Happiness” Alternative

CHAPTER 10   Empowering the Marginalized [141]

To Stop Terrorism, Focus on Its Roots

CHAPTER 11  “High Time to Shut Up” [155]

Moving Towards Multilateralism

CHAPTER 12  The Revolt Against Cyclical Poverty [173]

Nepalese Maoists Come in From the Cold

CHAPTER 13 Starting From the Villages [185]

In Sri Lanka’s Countryside,

a Middle Road

CHAPTER 14  The Buddhist Revolution [191]

Why Compassion Should Be Combined
With Capitalism

CONCLUSION Enter the Himalayan Consensus [199]

Manifesto for a Peaceful Revolution

Index [225]


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