Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Discovery Publisher Frequently Asked Questions page. You will find the most frequently asked questions regarding our books, our authors, and personal orders addressed in the categories below. For support related to a retail or promotional order for your business, please contact our Customer Service team.


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I work for a media outlet interested in covering a Discovery Publisher book. How can I request a review copy? Requests for Advance Reader’s Editions or books for reviewers or media must be made directly to the appropriate publicity department.

Requests for review copies from publishers whose works we distribute must be made with those publishers individually.

Where can I find contact information for Discovery Publisher offices worldwide?
You may find address and website information for Discovery Publisher Offices around the world here.

Do you offer tours of the Discovery Publisher offices?
We do not currently offer tours of our New York Headquarters.


Where can I find an author’s website?
If an author has a website, the link will be available on the author’s detail page. To find an author’s detail page, please enter the author’s name in the search toolbar or click on an author’s name on any book detail page.

How can I book a Discovery Publisher author for a speaking engagement?
You may find featured speakers, topics, and booking information at our Discovery Publisher site.

How do I find author readings, signings or speaking events?
You may view all public events on an author’s detail page.

How can I contact an author?
Some authors have email addresses, contact forms or publicity addresses on their personal websites which may be available on the author’s detail page.

If you are unsure where to send your letter, please contact us with the title of the book and author’s name and we will confirm the proper address.

Why can’t I find a particular title or author?
Our website only includes information about books and authors currently published by Discovery Publisher and available for order (including backorder and preorder) in the United States. We do not have online catalog information for out of print titles or works published by other Discovery Publisher publishers worldwide. For contact information and websites for other Discovery Publisher publishers please contact us.

I have a very old book from a Discovery Publisher imprint. Can you tell me if it’s a first edition and what it is worth?
Discovery Publisher does not offer appraisals of value. If you wish to have individual books valued, please contact a private antiquary books expert or antiques auction house. Please visit for more information about antiquarian booksellers.

I am interested in using one of your books for a book club, can you provide a reading guide?

Reading group guides are available on book detail pages where applicable. Book club resources, including information about starting a book club, featured titles for your club, and more can be found here.


How can I purchase a Discovery Publisher book online?

While there is currently no e-commerce on, links to a variety of retailers are available on all book detail pages for easy shopping.

How do I order eBooks or mp3 downloads?
Discovery Publisher does not directly sell digital content through our website. Links to eBook and audio retailers can be found on individual book detail pages.


How do I request an examination or desk copy of a Discovery Publisher book?
For more information about ordering examination and desk copies, for college or university courses (including graduate level programs), please contact us.


How do I request reproduction rights for a portion of a Discovery Publisher book for classroom use?
If you wish to photocopy material for academic use, please contact us.

How can I request an alternative digital copy of a book for a student with disabilities?
We do not directly distribute digital texts to institutions or individual students. In order to best serve the needs of students with print disabilities, we have partnered with Bookshare, an organization that specializes in this endeavor.

Bookshare is a non-profit organization that makes books from Discovery Publisher, as well as works from other major publishers, accessible to individuals with print disabilities. For more information about how Bookshare can help students, please visit Bookshare directly.



How do I open a business account with Discovery Publisher House?
Our New Account Department processes applications for wholesale distributor, retail bookseller and promotional giveaway accounts. For more information, including terms, conditions, and to request a new account application, please contact us.

Can I purchase books in quantity for corporate use or sales incentives?
In addition to retail businesses, we also establish accounts for business and non-profit organizations to purchase books at a discount for giveaway, staff development or promotional use. For more information, including terms, conditions, and to request a new account application, please contact us.


How I do I apply for reprint permission for content of a Discovery Publisher book?
Reprint request must be submitted through our contact page.

How do I request reproduction rights for a portion of a Discovery Publisher book for classroom use?

If you wish to photocopy material for academic use, please contact us.

How do I apply for foreign language/international sales reprint rights?
For entire book translation and reprint rights for Discovery Publisher titles, please please contact us.


If you are unsure how or where to submit your request, please contact us with the title of the book, author’s name (including any known co-authors or contributors) and specify which type of use permission for which you would like to reply and we will confirm the proper address.

Your request should include the following information about our material:

  • The title of our book (not your source book if that is other than our book)
  • Our author’s, editor’s and translator’s full name
  • Identify the material by title and/or chapter and/or pages (only if your source is our book) and the author and translator, if they are different from the book;
  • Include Publisher/Imprint.
  • ISBN of our book, if available.

Your request should include the following information about your use:

  • Your producer or company;
  • Title & author of your production if different from the title/author of our publication;
  • Number and dates of performances;
  • Address and Seating capacity of performance venue;
  • Ticket prices;
  • If this is a reuse, please provide the contract number of your previous grant
  • Your complete contact information including a mailing and e-mail address.

If your source is a collection, anthology, textbook, magazine, or any publication other than ours, review the copyright acknowledgment page(s) to locate the information pertaining to the original source for the material you wish to use. That information is relevant to your request.


How do I apply for a job with Discovery Publisher?
For available career and internship positions with Discovery Publisher, please visit:

How do I apply for an internship?

Discovery Publisher offers internship opportunities in various business areas such as contracts, editorial, finance, graphic design, managing editorial, marketing, online marketing, production, publicity, sales, subsidiary rights, and operations. 

If you would like to submit a cover letter and resume for an internship, click here.

In your cover letter, please indicate the semester you are applying for and up to three business area(s) you are interested in.



How do I submit my manuscript or abstract to Discovery Publisher for publication?
To submit your manuscripts, illustrations, artwork, or submission queries visit our submission page here.

I am a new agent – how do I contact Discovery Publisher editors?
To send us your proposals or query letters visit our submission page here.