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Michel Chiambretto

Freeing Oneself from Spiritual Conformism

Freeing Oneself from Spiritual Conformism

in both past and present, there have always been two types of spirituality. One offered to anybody, with a societal purpose, defining bans and taboos through dogmas, all the while presenting marvelous imagery and promising a well-being within reach, now or in the future, for those who follow the institution. And another type, more discreet, which, in contrast with the previous one, has for objective the accomplishment of Man and offers only a long work on oneself to achieve an expansion of the field of consciousness toward the Divine, the All, the One, the Tao, or however one wants to call it.

This may not concern you. You may think that you are able to discern the true from the false, the spiritual direction from the societal one. And this may actually be the case. But perhaps, while reading these pages, you will put into question your current certainties and reconsider the foundations of the spiritual path you have undertaken.


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    Paperback: 9781788945806
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Michel Chiambretto, Freeing oneself from spiritual conformism
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Freeing Oneself from Spiritual Conformism
Michel Chiambretto, Freeing oneself from spiritual conformism