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Nikola Tesla

My Life, My Research

My Life, My Research

History is written by the victors. But that is no comfort to those crossed out by the editor’s pen. For years, science textbooks equated electricity and light with one man, Thomas Edison, while the genius whose pioneering electrical technologies truly power the modern world languished as a minor note in scientific history.

Before the turn of the 20th century, electricity remained a mere scientific curiosity. Nikola Tesla, arguably more than anyone else, changed that. But Nikola’s pioneering research in electricity represents only a portion of the scientific and technical innovations that elevated him to science godhood.

Tesla not only expanded and revolutionized the work of his predecessors, he also leapfrogged ahead of his contemporaries to the next step.

Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research has four parts: background history around the time Tesla lived; Tesla’s autobiography; Tesla’s major research programs explained in simple words; an eighty-page collection of rare photographs taken at several stages of Tesla’s life; from his birth certificate, to the first photograph ever taken by phosphorescent light, to the last known photograph before Tesla’s death, in 1943.


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Nikola Tesla, Nikola Tesla, My Life My Research
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Nikola Tesla: My Life My Research
Nikola Tesla, Nikola Tesla, My Life My Research