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Nikola Tesla

Selected Tesla Writings

Selected Tesla Writings

Nikola Tesla’s accomplishments are today still underrated. While Edison is credited with being the inventor of the light bulb, it is Tesla’s alternating current that powers much of the world. Likewise, while Guglielmo Marconi is popularly credited with inventing the radio, Tesla’s work was instrumental in its development. In fact, the Supreme Court overturned Marconi’s patent in 1943, crediting Tesla with being the first to patent radio technology.

Tesla used his eponymous Tesla Coil, a high frequency transformer, as the basis for experiments in electrical lighting, x-rays, phosphorescence, electro-therapy, and the wireless transmission of electric energy. He is also credited with inventing the fluorescent bulb and neon light, as well as the spark plug for internal combustion engines. Tesla provided the basis for radar, the electron microscope, and microwave ovens. He even dabbled in robotics, far ahead of his time.

Selected Tesla Writings is a collection of scientific papers and articles about the work of one of the greatest geniuses of all time.


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Nikola Tesla, Selected Tesla Writings
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Nikola Tesla: Selected Tesla Writings
Nikola Tesla, Selected Tesla Writings