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Joseph Torie

Jesus Indeed

Redefining Christianity according to
the Words of Jesus and the Gospels

Jesus Indeed

There are many shades and versions of Christianity, born of different interpretations by disciples, followers, and evangelists. One could argue endlessly about who is right or wrong, and which way believers should embrace.

A matter of fact is that even the most committed believers have made mistakes in following Jesus, undoubtedly because of the human factor involved. Therefore, one could ask what path should a Christian follow.

In this thoroughly documented book based on over 40 years of extensive and dedicated study of the Gospels, Joseph Torie claims the answer is in Jesus’ own words as recorded in the Gospels. In Jesus Indeed, Torie:

— Defines what a Christian is according to the words of Christ and points out where even some of the early ‘followers’ missed the path of Jesus’ words;

— places the Lord’s words in the Gospels above the claims of the New and Old Testaments as well as above the teaching of the most ardent disciples, apostles, and followers;

— Helps the reader rediscover the treasures of the words of Jesus in the Gospels, the Way, the Truth and the Life.


“Jesus Indeed summarizes what Jesus taught and what He expects of his disciples and general believers. The eBook is very helpful, as it focus on the Lord’s teachings rather than on Old and New Testament practices and traditions, or denominational doctrines. It offers also a comprehensive review of the origins and history of the Nation of Israel, the patriarchs and why God offered salvation as a gift and not as a privilege based on ethnicity, family trees or religious observance. In the process, it tackles the difference between grace and promised rewards for good deeds, making clear the scope of each of them. Based on the teachings and parables of Jesus, the book clarifies the different messages and answers given to different groups and kinds of people. It identifies the individual and temporal contexts, differentiating them from the universal and eternal message of salvation by grace, offered to all people of all generations. Jesus Indeed is a very enlightening study based on the gospels and worth a careful reading.” —Anita M., Germany


Page count
    6 x 9 in
    Paperback: 9781788941938
    Hardcover: 9781788941280
Price (suggested, in USD)
    Paperback: 16.90
    Hardback: 23.90


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Joseph Torie, Jesus Indeed
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Jesus Indeed
Joseph Torie, Jesus Indeed