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Huijun Liu

Chinese Without Tears [intermediate]

Intermediate Level

Chinese Without Tears [intermediate]

Chinese without Tears, intermediate level follows the story of an overseas student, Emily, through the course of her life in China. Her story is told through a series of 17 dialogues that become progressively sophisticated and challenging from one lesson to the next. The dialogues show scenarios anyone is likely to encounter when coming to China for the first time, whether to study, to work, or to visit.

Each dialogue is accompanied by detailed instructional notes on grammar and usage. Additional informational notes also make each lesson a beginner’s guide to a single topic, like banking, shopping, dining, commuting and making reservations. Supplementary vocabulary and facts help learners go beyond the dialogues to manage daily situations in greater depth and talk about common topics with greater flexibility.

Chinese without Tears, intermediate level is the second volume of the Chinese without Tears series. It is recommended for intermediate beginners; either those who have studied Chinese without Tears for Beginners or with one semester’s study in Mandarin Chinese program or those with equivalent experience (in part-time courses or through self-study). Both a thorough knowledge of Pinyin and a rudimentary knowledge of Chinese characters are recommended for learners studying this textbook.

Chinese without Tears, intermediate level includes the following features:

— Vocabulary listings that break down new terms into their smallest meaningful units.
— Detailed notes on word usage that use simple, direct language.
— Tips that link the language to the culture.
— Various exercises that reinforce and test target skills.
— Notes that help learners distinguish between commonly confused words.
— Grammar notes that help learners avoid commonly made mistakes.
— Supplementary sections that provide the information necessary to in-depth discussions.
— Dialogues that can be heard anywhere in today’s China.

Chinese without Tears, intermediate level was compiled within Shenzhen University’s College of International Exchange. The Chinese text was written by associate professor Liu Huijun, who has over 18 years’ experience teaching Mandarin Chinese to speakers of other languages. The English translation was written by Jared Scott Pratt, who taught English at a U.S. University before coming to China in 2006.


Page count
    8.5 x 11 in
    Paperback: 9781788940559
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    Paperback: 15.90


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Huijun Liu, Chinese Without Tears, Intermediate Level
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Chinese Without Tears, Intermediate Level
Huijun Liu, Chinese Without Tears, Intermediate Level