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Edith Holland

The Story of Mohammed

The Story of Mohammed

The Story of Mohammed tells the legendary life of Mohammed. Born in 570 CE in the Arabian city of Mecca, Muhammed was orphaned at an early age; he was raised under the care of his paternal uncle, Abu Talib. After his childhood, he primarily worked as a merchant.

Occasionally, Muhammed would retreat to a cave in the mountains for several nights of seclusion and prayer.

At age 40, Muhammed reported that he was visited by Gabriel and received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event, Muhammed started preaching the revelations publicly, proclaiming that he was a prophet and messenger of God.


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    Paperback: 9781508537861, 9789881762443
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Edith Holland, The Story of Mohammed
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The Story of Mohammed
Edith Holland, The Story of Mohammed