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Paul Carus

The Gospel of Buddha

The Gospel of Buddha

The Gospel of Buddha tells the story of the Buddha through parables. Although this is not a literal translation of the Buddhist Sutras, the author has chosen here and there, in their enormous and grouped mass, to make a homogeneous whole, the most characteristic passages, the most suitable to bring to light the moral and philosophical doctrines of Buddhism.

Paul Carus always scrupulously respected the spirit of the Buddhist Sutras, and that even by the systematic grouping of these various texts. The Gospel of Buddha gives Buddhist conceptions a more striking impression, and perhaps just as true as could be, a translation of these scriptures.

Apart from the first three chapters perhaps, the author’s imagination has nothing to do with it. This book is easier and more pleasant to read than the original Sutras, with their interminable lengths and repetitions, and to which, moreover, numerous references allow easy reference.


Page count
    6 x 9 in
    Paperback: 9781788945738
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    Paperback: 14.90


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Paul Carus, The Gospel of Buddha
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The Gospel of Buddha
Paul Carus, The Gospel of Buddha