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A Search in Secret India
Paul Brunton

Taking pains to express his thoughts in layperson’s terms, the author was able to present what he learned from the Orient and from ancient tradition as a living wisdom. His writings express his view that meditation and the inward quest are not exclusively for monks and hermits, but will also support those living normal, active lives in the Western world.

A Search in Secret India

Paul Brunton


A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics and gurus, some of whom he found convincing, others not. He finally finds the peace and tranquility which come with self-knowledge when he meets and studies with the great sage Sri Ramana Maharishi.

  • Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, mystic, traveler, and guru. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. Dedicating his life to an inward and spiritual quest, Brunton felt charged to communicate his experiences about what he learned in the East to others. His works had a major influence on the spread of Eastern mysticism to the West.
  • Taking pains to express his thoughts in layperson’s terms, Brunton was able to present what he learned from the Orient and from ancient tradition as a living wisdom. His writings express his view that meditation and the inward quest are not exclusively for monks and hermits, but will also support those living normal, active lives in the Western world.
A Search in Secret India, Paul-Brunton
A Search in Secret India, Paul-Brunton


Table of Contents

A Search in Secret India


Chapter I: Wherein I Bow to the Reader

Chapter II: A Prelude to the Quest

Chapter III: A Magician Out of Egypt

Chapter IV: I Meet a Messiah

Chapter V: The Anchorite of the Adyar River

Chapter VI: The Yoga which Conquers Death

Chapter VII: The Sage Who Never Speaks

Chapter VIII: With the Spiritual Head of South India

Chapter IX: The Hill of the Holy Beacon

Chapter X: Among the Magicians and Holy Men

Chapter XI: The Wonder-Worker of Benares

Chapter XII: Written in the Stars !

Chapter XIII: The Garden of the Lord

Chapter XIV: At the Parsee Messiah’s Headquarters

Chapter XV: A Strange Encounter

Chapter XVI: In a Jungle Hermitage

Chapter XVII: Tablets of Forgotten Truth


“ SACRED INDIA ” would be as apt a title for this book. For it is a quest for that India which is only secret because it is so sacred. The holiest things in life are not bruited abroad in public. The sure instinct of the human soul is to keep them withdrawn in the inmost recesses accessible to few — perhaps to none. Certainly only to those who care for spiritual things. And with a country as with an individual. The most sacred things a country keeps secret. It would not be easy for a stranger to discover what England holds most sacred. And it is the same with India. The most sacred part of India is the most secret.


Now secret things require much searching for ; but those who seek will find. Those who seek with their whole heart and with the real determination to find will at last discover the secret.


Mr. Brunton had that determination, and he did in the end find. The difficulties were very great though. For in India, as everywhere else, there is much spurious spirituality through which a way must be forced before the true can be found. There is an innumerable crowd of mental acrobats and contortionists through which the seeker after pure spirituality must elbow his way. These men have trained their mental as well as bodily muscles till they are extraordinarily efficient They have exercised powers of concentration till they have nearly complete control over their mental processes. Many of them have developed what we call occult powers.


These are all interesting enough in their way and are well worth study by scientific men interested in psychic phenomena. But they are not the real thing. They are not the springs whence spirituality comes gushing.


They do not form the secret sacred India that Mr. Brunton was seeking. He saw them. He noted them. He describes them. But he pushed through them. Spirituality at its finest and purest is what he wanted. And this he found at last.


Remote from the haunts of men, deep in the jungles to which — or to the Himalayas — the holiest men in India always return, Mr. Brunton found the very embodiment of all that India holds most sacred. The Maharishee — the Great Sage — was the man who made most appeal to Mr. Brunton. He is not the only one of his kind. Up and down India others — not many, but a very, very few — may be found. They represent the true genius of India, and it is through them that the Mighty Genius of the Universe manifests Himself in peculiar degree.


They, therefore, are among the objects most worth searching for on this earth. And in this book we have the results of one such quest.


By Sir Francis Younghusband, K.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., CLE.


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Paul Brunton’s (1898-1981) remarkable life was in service to wisdom. He was born in the cultural center of London, and his introspective and mystical sensitivity soon led him East, first to India and Egypt, and then around the world to explore spiritual traditions and meet with teachers. Blending his own inner inquiry with ancient and contemporary teachings, PB, as he liked to be called, developed a philosophy that suits life in the 21st century, one that expresses the greatest wisdom and love available to humankind—the Wisdom of the Pure Mind and the Love of our own Higher Self.
A lifetime of both inner and outer research enabled Paul Brunton to bring the sacred teachings of the East to the West and make them understandable to the heart and mind. PB uncovered the universal truths that have flowered as the religions and mystical philosophies. His writings provide spiritual seekers, whether affiliated with a particular path or not, a guide full of beauty and grace that will carry them forward in their quest to realize that greatest of all treasures, their own Higher Self, Soul, or Overself.