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A Study of Forgotten Truth

The unconscious agency of the mind or instinct in repairing the body, healing its hurts and guiding its growth, is recognized by most scientists. Plato but expresses the same idea when he says, “The soul always weaves her garment anew.” This thought is well worded by Giordano Bruno when he says, “The soul is not in the body locally, but as its intrinsic form and extrinsic mould, as that which makes the members and shapes the whole within and without. The body, then, is in the soul, the soul in the mind (spirit). The Intellect (Spirit) is God.”

Reincarnation, A Study of Forgotten Truth


Hermann Lotze, the German philosopher, in his magnificent Microcosm, argues that the idea of a transmigration of souls remains a dream of the fancy, nor has anyone yet succeeded in giving it a higher moral significance for the order of the universe.

  • The ethical leverage of the doctrine of reincarnation is immense. Its motive power is great. It reveals as magnificent a background to the present life, with its contradictions and disasters, as the prospect of immortality opens up an illimitable foreground, lengthening out the horizon of hope. It binds together the past, the present and the future in one ethical series of causes and effects.
  • In Reincarnation, a Study of Forgotten Truth, the author goes through an extensive study of the Bible, ancient poetry and writings, Western literature, the Christendom, and the religions of the East to answer one fundamental question: We cannot yet have learned all that we are meant to learn through the body; how much of the teaching even of this world can the most diligent and most favored man have exhausted before he is called to leave it; does all that remain lost?
Reincarnation: A Study of Forgotten Truth, E. D. Walker
Reincarnation: A Study of Forgotten Truth, E. D. Walker

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: What Is Reincarnation?
  • Chapter II: Western Evidences Of Reincarnation 14
    • Immortality Demands It
    • Analogy Is Strongly In Favor Of Reincarnation
    • Science Confirms It
    • Nature Of The Soul Requires It
    • It Most Completely Answers The Theological Questions Of “Original Sin” And “Future Punishment”
    • Reincarnation Explains Many Curious Experiences
    • That It Alone Solves The Problem Of Injustice And Misery Which Broods Over Our World
  • Chapter III: Objections To Reincarnation
  • Chapter IV: Western Prose Writers On Reincarnation
  • Chapter V: The Poetry Of Reincarnation In Western Literature
    • Part I. American Poetry
    • Part II. British Poetry
    • Part III. Continental Poetry
    • Part IV. Platonic Poets
  • Chapter VI: Reincarnation Among The Ancients
  • Chapter VII: Reincarnation In The Bible
  • Chapter VIII: Reincarnation In Early Christendom
  • Chapter IX: Reincarnation In The East Today
  • Chapter X: Eastern Poets Upon Reincarnation
  • Chapter XI: Esoteric Oriental Reincarnation
  • Chapter XII: Transmigration Through Animals
  • Chapter XIII: What Then Of Death, Heaven, And Hell?
  • Chapter XIV: Karma, The Companion Truth Of Reincarnation
  • Conclusion


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