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Eugène Caslant

Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties

Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties

Studying psychic faculties is still a taboo subject in our occidental societies. We are immersed in a world dominated by information, but no one ever teaches us how to use this wonderful tool that is thought. This progressive, simple and accessible method taught in this book is essentially positive and fills this void. It results from a thousand experiments undertaken for more than twenty years on a considerable number of subjects. Through it, you will be able to develop your skills in remote viewing, telepathy and even initiate yourself to sleepwalking.

This method for the development of supranormal faculties, like an instruction manual for learning to draw or play music, gives positive results that every experimenter will be able to appreciate. Thousands of people have already learned to know themselves better and surpass the narrow sphere of the material world. It is now your turn to experiment, to evolve… and to testify.

Eugène Caslant is not a spiritualist. He is interested in the individual’s potential, in their capacity to think. As part of the studies possibly conducted on Spiritism and the potential interest in the occurrences, this book is also a medium for understanding how to settle one’s thought. Caslant doesn’t talk about Spirits, he talks about the development of mediumnity’s anemic practice: “Things happen as if the entrance to the invisible world was closed by a multiple lock door, likely to open by the means of a unique key, according to its inclination and its degree of rotation. The door is the brain, blocked by personal ideas; the key is the image, that we direct satisfyingly with appropriate practical words. The principle, which allows to make supra-normal faculties occur, is therefore very simple and nearly infallible. The simplicity is such that it is surprising not to see the said faculties more commonly spread. The reason is to be found in the disorder and confusion that generally guide our intelligence’s functioning; we gladly mix up the game of active imagination with that of passive imagination and the chaos of our ideas only lets unaccustomed and thin vibrations occasionally enter the field of our conscience. Our brain is like an attic cluttered with ill-assorted objects, which, being badly laid out, hide/screen the window and prevent/block out the view on the outside; or even, it looks like a garage filled with vehicles circulating in all directions, disturbing one another, that can only find the way out by chance. Obviously you just have to tidy up the attic to restitute the light, and to momentarily stop all the cars but one, to let the last out of the garage.”

You will discover in this amazing method:

Imagination is more complex than we think

— What is the aura?
— How the subconscious works
— Passive imagination, an open door to the supranormal
— How to develop supranormal faculties
— The subconscious threshold and the coupling method
— How to develop direct clairvoyance or remote viewing
— The secrets of mind-reading and the intuitive perception of personalities
— How to project one’s mind in the past and describe unknown scenes
— Premonitory visions
— Necessary precautions to be taken
— Intuition in life affairs
— Mental projection
— How to operate the return


Translator : Delphine Bunel


Page count
    5 x 8 in
    Paperback: 9781999816599, 9781788940672
    Hardcover: 9781788940658
Price (suggested, in USD)
    Paperback: 12.90
    Hardback: 19.90


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Eugene Caslant, Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties
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Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties
Eugene Caslant, Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties