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Sri Aurobindo, or
The Adventure of Consciousness

This is the great purpose of the mind in evolution: it helps bring to our conscious surface all the movements of our being that would otherwise remain as a formless subconscious or superconscious magma. It also helps us establish some semblance of order in this anarchy by organizing all these tiny feudal states under its sovereignty. But, in so doing, it veils from us their voices and true workings; there is only one step from sovereignty to tyranny. Because that idea is within you. It was your own heart beating and you did not know; you were mistaking it for something external. It is the God within your own self that is propelling you to seek for Him, to realize Him.

Sri Aurobindo, or the Adventure of Consciousness


In this century, so hurried, incoherent, full of riches which dominate us more than they serve, we have need of a true mastery and of the joy that comes of it. But our psychology knows yet only the surfaces of being, and our imported orientalism illumines some obscure depths which may perhaps be adequate for the cross-legged sage, but not for the beleaguered men we are.

  • This now classic introduction to Sri Aurobindo not only tells us the story of his life—in itself a remarkable adventure—but Satprem also takes us along in a methodical exploration of Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga, showing how it leads to a divine rehabilitation of Matter and gives our painful evolution its meaning and hope. Now the time may have come at last to unveil the Mysteries and to recover the complete truth of the two poles within a third position, which is neither that of the materialists nor that of the spiritualists.
  • Sri Aurobindo, or The Adventure of Consciousness has been written from a Western point of view and for those who yearn for a truth of Life and not only a truth with eyes closed. It presents just one aspect of Sri Aurobindo, the most practical one. We only hope it will lead the reader to explore for himself Sri Aurobindo, and perhaps, with him, find the perfect harmony of East and West, of inner freedom and outer mastery.
  • One volume: 340 pages
Satprem: Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness
Satprem: Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: An Accomplished Westerner
  • Chapter 2: The Eternal Law
  • Chapter 3: The End of the Intellect
  • Chapter 4: The Silent Mind
  • Chapter 5: Consciousness
  • Chapter 6: Quieting the Vital
  • Chapter 7: The Psychic Center
  • Chapter 8: Independence from the Physical
  • Chapter 9: Sleep and Death
  • Chapter 10: The Revolutionary Yogi
  • Chapter 11: Oneness
  • Chapter 12: The Superconscient
  • Chapter 13: Under the Auspices of the Gods
  • Chapter 14: The Secret
  • Chapter 15: The Supramental Consciousness
  • Chapter 16: Man, A Transitional Being
  • Chapter 17: The Transformation
  • Conclusion: The End which Ever Begins Again
  • References


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