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William Pike Phelon

Our Story of Atlantis

Our Story of Atlantis

Atlantis, whose name derives from Atlas, the mythical giant that held the world on his shoulders, was a hypothetical and very large continent situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in the waters of the present Atlantic Ocean.
The Greek philosopher Plato considered this place the extreme limit of the known world and was the first to speak in his works of the lost continent, which sank suddenly, over a period of a few days, following a terrible cataclysm thousands of years ago.

Even the sacred texts of all nations citing the Flood speak of a catastrophe of great magnitude that struck the earth. The innumerable researches, the stories and the testimonies on this mysterious continent and on its advanced and powerful civilization linked to the cult of the Sun, which probably would have preceded the Aztecs, still fascinate and attract the attention of scholars, archaeologists and adventurers.

What truth hides the myth of Atlantis? The different reflections on the peoples of the past lead to various hypotheses but everything is still shrouded in mystery.

Our adventure begins with the incredible journey of a ship departing from the port of New York whose protagonists will live fantastic revelations full of emotions. The past and the present will meet unexpectedly in a whirlwind of surprising discoveries.


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William Pike Phelon, Our Story of Atlantis
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Our Story of Atlantis
William Pike Phelon, Our Story of Atlantis