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Sir Francis Bacon

The New Atlantis

The New Atlantis

The New Atlantis is a novel by Sir Francis Bacon. In this work, the author portrays a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. The novel depicts the creation of a land where generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendor, piety and public spirit are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the island of Bensalem.

In The New Atlantis, many aspects of the society and history of the island are described, such as the christian religion, which is reported to have being born there as a copy of the Bible and a letter from the Apostle Saint Bartholomew, arrived there miraculously, a few years after the Ascension of Jesus; a cultural feast in honor of the family institution, called “the Feast of the Family”; a college of sages, the Salomon’s House, “the very eye of the kingdom”.


Page count
    5 x 8 in
    Paperback: 9781999816506, 9781788940986
    Hardcover: 9781788940634
Price (suggested, in USD)
    Paperback: 12.90
    Hardback: 19.90


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Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis
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The New Atlantis
Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis