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Denys and Victor Jacques

A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook

A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly given by questioning the patient, inspecting the tongue, the complexion and the nails, abdominal palpating and radial pulse taking. From these elements, the therapist, whose interpretation is not thoroughly free of one’s own subjectivity, chooses through reasoning to puncture some points with needles, to warm them up with moxas, to massage them or to use cupping glasses. The energetic system however is so complex that there might be a gap or a distortion between the intellectual approach of the practitioner and the energetic reality of the patient.

The object of this book is not to replace the traditional diagnosis methods and needling techniques but to provide an additional tool to enhance the efficiency of treatments. Our perspective is based on a specific palpation of tissues which allows to determine the energetic functions that are disturbed and on what level (physical, emotional or spiritual.)

“Only the tissues know” — The therapist does not choose what is right to do for the patient, actually, the tissues indicates where the body is in need. For this, we must find a key to reading (how to palpate) and a reading grid (where to palpate).

Through the energetic techniques widely developed here, the therapist can identify a closed point (a point which does not respond to a stimulation) or a stagnation in channels and organs. Acquiring the sensation of the Energy is essential in order to listen to the patient’s body.

The principle of resonance is the basis of the reading grid. The energetic system is reflected in the anatomy, in the physical structures: bones, muscles, dermis… We can take, for instance, the correspondence between the 5 Elements and the 5 metacarpal bones or between the 14 channels and the 14 finger phalanges. Their palpation tells us about the energetic disorders.

The correction method – also applicable to the physical trauma – consists of giving the information which allows the body to correct itself. The practitioner only shows the points related to the disturbed energetic functions and determined by the reading grid. These points, then, “respond” and “communicate” again and a change in the tissues is perceived under the therapist’s hands.

The grid was elaborated after many observations which were checked and double checked. We invite the reader to approach this book with an inquiring mind and the desire to experiment on their own our working hypotheses and the points of view that we expressed.


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Denys Jacques, A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook
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A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook
Denys Jacques, A Chinese Medicine Geometrical Healing Handbook