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The Philosophy of Wellbeing for Her
William Walker Atkinson

They have done certain things (consciously or subconsciously) in order to bring themselves from infancy to healthy, normal maturity. And if you (who may not be so healthy) will do just these same things, there is no reason why you too should not be just as healthy as they. This little book is my attempt to tell you just what this healthy woman did in order to be just what they are.

The Philosophy of Wellbeing, for Her


In The Philosophy of Wellbeing, for Her, William Walker Atkinson describes the branch of and ancestral philosophy that deals with the physical body, and stresses its splendid foundation upon which the student builds a sound and strong body necessary for one to do his best work.

  • The Philosophy of Wellbeing, for Her consists of a series of lessons dealing with the laboratory of the body, the Yogi theory and practice of Prana, Yogi breathing, Pranic energy, the control of the involuntary system, the mental attitude, lead by the spirit, as well as actives like the expansion of the Self, mental control, the cultivation of attention and perception, and subconscious character building, which involves the intelligent use of the subconscious faculties of the mind to modify, change, or completely alter our character.
  • Throughout this book, The Philosophy of Wellbeing, for Her, the author’s objective is unique: to give a new breath to our life.
The Philosophy of Wellbeing (for her), William Walker Atkinson
The Philosophy of Wellbeing (for her), William Walker Atkinson

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What is “The Philosophy of Wellbeing”
  • Chapter 2: The Yogis’ Regard For The Physical
  • Chapter 3: The Work of The Divine Architect
  • Chapter 4: Our Friend, the Vital Force
  • Chapter 5: The Laboratory of The Body
  • Chapter 6: The Life Fluid
  • Chapter 7: The Crematory of the System
  • Chapter 8: Nourishment
  • Chapter 9: Hunger vs. Appetite
  • Chapter 10: The Yogi Theory And Practice of Prana Absorption From Food
  • Chapter 11: About Food
  • Chapter 12: The Ashes of the System
  • Chapter 13: The Irrigation of The Body
  • Chapter 14: Yogi Breathing
    • High Breathing
    • Mid Breathing
    • Low Breathing
    • The Yogi Complete Breathing
  • Chapter 15: Effects of Correct Breathing
  • Chapter 16: Breathing Exercises
    • The Yogi Cleansing Breath
    • The Yogi Nerve Vitalizing Breath
    • The Yogi Vocal Breath
    • The Retained Breath
    • Lung Cell Stimulation
    • Rib Stretching
    • Chest Expansion
    • Walking Exercise
    • Morning Exercise
    • Stimulating Circulation
  • Chapter 17: Nostril Breathing vs. Mouth Breathing
  • Chapter 18: The Little Lives of the Body
  • Chapter 19: Pranic Energy
  • Chapter 20: Pranic Exercises
    • Prana Generating
    • Changing The Circulation
    • Recharging
    • Brain Stimulation
    • Yogi Grand Psychic Breath
  • Chapter 21: The Scienceof Relaxation
  • Chapter 22: The Control of the Involuntary System
  • Chapter 23: Rules For Relaxation
    • A Few “Loosen-Up” Exercises
    • Stretching
    • Mental Relaxation Exercise
    • A Moment’s Rest
  • Chapter 24: The Useof Physical Exercise
  • Chapter 25: Some Yogi Physical Exercises
    • Standing Position
    • Exercise To Reduce The Abdomen
    • A “Setting-Up” Exercise
    • Chapter 26: The Yogi Bath
    • The Yogi Morning Wash-Down
  • Chapter 27: The Solar Energy
  • Chapter 28: Fresh Air
  • Chapter 29: Nature’s Sweet Restorer—Sleep
  • Chapter 30: Regeneration
    • Regenerative Exercise
  • Chapter 31: The Mental Attitude
  • Chapter 32: Lead by the Spirit


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