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Awakening Mind • I
Akarpa Rinpoche

Awakening Mind • I


In this first album titled “Awakening Mind • I”, Akarpa Rinpoche shares his words on love and compassion. On a slow rhythm, Akarpa Rinpoche’s voice makes the ideal companion as a background for meditation, for healing or yoga.

  • Awakening Mind • I includes 5 songs with a total of over 40 minutes.
  • Awakening Mind • I is available on iTunes and other numerous online shops.
“Awakening Mind • I” by Akarpa Rinpoche
Prayer to the Masters
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“Awakening Mind • I” by Akarpa Rinpoche
Prayer to all the Masters
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“Awakening Mind • I” by Akarpa Rinpoche
Prayer to Guru Tapi Hritsa
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“Awakening Mind • I” by Akarpa Rinpoche
Prayer to Nyamme Lama
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“Awakening Mind • I” by Akarpa Rinpoche
Mantra of Dharma Kaya
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As the reincarnation of a Mahasiddha (Great Achiever), and a third generation disciple of the great Master Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen (one of the leading figures of the Tibetan Non-Sectarian Movement), Akarpa Rinpoche became a Buddhist monk at the age of 4. Over the years, various sacred teachings from Bon Buddhism, Gelugpa, Nyingma and other lineages have been passed down to him, including the pure and complete tradition of the Great Perfection. In addition to these Tibetan traditions, Akarpa Rinpoche has also pursued undergraduate study of Mahayana Buddhism and Zen at China’s most renowned Buddhist College and graduate study of Comparative Religion and Philosophy in Beijing University. Rinpoche is not only a Buddhist scholar, but also a successful practitioner. In 2011, collaborating with US scientists, Akarpa Rinpoche demonstrated a state of sensory neuronal activity that increased 100 times during meditation.


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