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Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche

Akarpa Rinpoche sincerely prays that the Buddhist teaching inherited from the Himalayan snowy land will glow as the sun, lighting up the hearts of all beings. He prays that all sentient beings may soon return to the pure light of Truth.
Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche

As the reincarnation of a Mahasiddha (Great Achiever), and a third generation disciple of the great Master Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen (one of the leading figures of the Tibetan Non-Sectarian Movement), Akarpa Rinpoche became a Buddhist monk at the age of 4. Over the years, various sacred teachings from Bon Buddhism, Gelugpa, Nyingma and other lineages have been passed down to him, including the pure and complete tradition of the Great Perfection. In addition to these Tibetan traditions, Akarpa Rinpoche has also pursued undergraduate study of Mahayana Buddhism and Zen at China’s most renowned Buddhist College and graduate study of Comparative Religion and Philosophy in Beijing University. Rinpoche is not only a Buddhist scholar, but also a successful practitioner. In 2011, collaborating with US scientists, Akarpa Rinpoche demonstrated a state of sensory neuronal activity that increased 100 times during meditation.

Empowered by almost 30 years of study and practice, Akarpa Rinpoche has established himself as a teacher of meditation and a master of Himalayan Zhang-Zhung Yoga.

Rinpoche also passes along the teaching of the Great Perfection to selected individuals as soon as their condition is suitable.

Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche
Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche

In recent years, Akarpa Rinpoche has traveled extensively to the US, Europe, and many parts of Asia to teach Himalayan Yoga, meditation, and workshops on love and compassion, as well as his own creation, Che-Chod Yoga. His approach is fearless, sincere, and courageous.

The wisdom that flows out from Akarpa Rinpoche’s heart has greatly touched his audiences and profoundly helped his disciples and students.

Akarpa Rinpoche attaches great importance to the development of both body and mind, and addresses both the physical and emotional difficulties that are caused by the impact of modern society. Rinpoche indicates that the cultivation of wisdom must go along with physical practice.

Practicing yoga will open the body’s energy channels and stimulate the flow of energy. This will help the practitioner reach a peaceful state of mind and make rapid progress in cultivating wisdom.

Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche
Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche

Akarpa Rinpoche also stresses the integration of wisdom and compassion. “Those who are wise have compassion, and those who are compassionate have wisdom”, says the Rinpoche. He points out that to cultivate wisdom we should peacefully face life’s challenges, understand our true selves, and look for inner truth throughout our daily lives. At the same time, charitable activities and contributions can serve as opportunities for spreading pure love and planting the seeds of gratitude and compassion in the hearts of both givers and receivers.

Akarpa Rinpoche emphasizes practicing without religious affiliation:

Believing in Buddhism and studying Buddhism are two totally different things. Believing in Buddhism implies a lifestyle that follows a particular cultural tradition. On the other hand, studying Buddhism means to glean the truth through the Buddhist teachings.

The truth has no religious affiliation, it belongs to no sect, and it is blind to ethnicity. Each one of us is capable of experiencing the truth through the wisdom of the heart to obtain simple, true happiness and free, unlimited joy.

Akarpa Lobsang Rinpoche