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Christine Devin

The pleasures of the eye, the pleasures of the ear, of smell, of the palate, of touch, the enjoyment of the imagination and of taste are the texture of his poetic creation, and with that he produced wonders emotion and intellectual and aesthetic ideals. The backdrop of Kalidasa's works is a universal paradise of beautiful things. Everything there obeys a law of earthly grace. Morality becomes aesthetic. The intellect is imbued with the sense of beauty and allows itself to be governed by it. And yet this poetry does not swim in languor. It is not — as the poetry of the senses tends to be — a syrupy work weighed down by debauchery, with an excess of curly locks and fluttering eyelids. Kalidasa escapes this through the chastity of his style, the energy and precision of his sentence and his ever-alert artistic vigilance ...
Sri Aurobindo
  • I studied literature at Nanterre; I was in Nanterre in May 68! At the same time, I was doing theater. In 1974, I helped organize a “caravan” of vehicles to Auroville.
  • I arrived there on December 20, 1974, and since then I have lived in Auroville. I worked in several departments of Auroville, then at school, and since 2000, at the printing and publishing house of Auroville.
  • I learned Hindi. As for Sanskrit, without claiming to be a scholar, I do enough to marvel at the beauties of this language. I have participated in collective works for educational purposes under the direction of Kireet Joshi, Special Secretary Ministry of Education, New Delhi. In particular I wrote three monographs, The Great Tapasya of Parvati and the Science of Victory (Nalopakhyanam), and Uniting Men: Jean Monnet.
  • I designed and produced two presentations on the writings of Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo and his dreams and The Genius of India. These slideshows were first presented at the India International Center, New Delhi and subsequently I went to present them in many schools and universities in India during the years 1997-2001.
  • The scripts of two films on Auroville directed by Olivier Barot: Auroville, a Dream of the divine and Auroville the city the earth needs.
  • I am responsible for the Revue d’Auroville, a quarterly review in French. I have written many articles in this Journal; one of my last articles is entitled Clemenceau and India.