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Divine Music for Meditation
Avi Adir & Atmani

Divine Music for Meditation


Instrumental songs about the depth and celebration of meditation by master flute player and multi-instrumentalist Avi Adir and composer/producer Atmani. The melancholic sound of the duduk, Indian flutes and greek bouzouki in a warm, mysterious soundscape create a deep relaxing atmosphere, perfect for meditation or to play during a massage session or yoga class.

  • Divine Music for Meditation includes 3 songs with a total of over 60 minutes.
  • Divine Music for Meditation is available on iTunes and other numerous online shops.
Divine Music for Meditation, by Avi Adir & Atmani
Divine Music for Meditation, by Avi Adir & Atmani
Morning Meditation
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Divine Music for Meditation, by Avi Adir & Atmani
Evening Meditation
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Divine Music for Meditation, by Avi Adir & Atmani
Whirling Music
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Avi Adir, singer and multi-instrumentalist, travels the world to share his flow of tantric deep meditative music on an ancient-type voice on a wide variety of instruments, like the Indian Bansuri, the Armenian Duduk, the Greek Bouzouki, the Japanese Shakuhachi, the Egyptian Ney, the Silver Flute, or the Native American flute.
Avi started singing and playing guitar when he was twelve, and grew up as a songwriter and performer. In his twenties, he studied the making of bamboo flutes, studied Indian Raga music, while tuning his voice to the sounds and colors of new instruments.
“Music is my tool to get in tune with my real nature. I’m here to share the radiated waves of the divine forces of life, which are flowing all around. Play the music, not the instrument. Play only what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play!”


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