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China Traveler
Shenzhen Insider

If you're planning to travel, do business or live in Shenzhen, this App will be your best companion. It is built from the 360-page #1 Bestseller ``The Shenzhen Insider's Guide`` guidebook sold through Amazon.

China Traveler


If you’re planning to travel, do business or live in Shenzhen, this App will be your best companion.

  • The Shenzhen Insider’s Guide is built from the 360-page #1 Bestseller “The Shenzhen Insider’s Guide” guidebook sold through Amazon.
  • In order to keep up with Shenzhen’s fast pace, the content of Shenzhen Insider’s Guide is regularly updated.
  • This App also has a built in comprehensive English/Chinese vocabulary list with over 1800 words.
  • The current version of Shenzhen Insider’s Guide has the following sections:
    • Arts in Shenzhen (with Arts/Museums/Galleries Maps)
    • Business in Shenzhen (updated by Dezan Shira & Associates and China Briefing)
    • Children in Shenzhen (with Activities & International Schools)
    • Learning Chinese (Chinese Schools, Universities, …)
    • Health in Shenzhen (Hospital & Dentists)
    • History of Shenzhen
    • Landing in Shenzhen
    • Settling Down in Shenzhen (Renting, Buying, Maid, Importing Personal Effect, …)
    • Living in Shekou/Nanshan (with detailed Maps)
    • Sports Associations in Shenzhen
    • Shenzhen Maps (Shenzhen City, Metro, Ferry, Shekou Area, Pearl River Delta)
    • Useful Information (Important Phone Numbers, Consulates, Visas, …)
  • English/Chinese Living Corner
  • English/Chinese Lexicon – over 1800 words



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