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My Life, My Research
Nikola Tesla

``My Life, My Research`` is Telsa's autobiographical legacy that reveals how a relentless photographic memory and runaway imagination almost fatally cursed his childhood in Yugoslavia. In ``My Life, My Research``, Tesla tells how he wilfully harnessed his visions to invention, yet never outgrew his many bizarre childhood fears and compulsions. This is the famous story of Tesla's Faustian quest for the electric motor the experts said could never be built-a quest deep into his own unconscious mind that nearly cost him his life.


Nikola Tesla

History is written by the victors. But that is no comfort to those crossed out by the editor’s pen. For years, science textbooks equated electricity and light with one man, Thomas Edison, while the genius whose pioneering electrical technologies truly power the modern world languished as a minor note in scientific history.

  • Before the turn of the 20th century, electricity remained a mere scientific curiosity. Nikola Tesla, arguably more than anyone else, changed that. But Nikola’s pioneering research in electricity represents only a portion of the scientific and technical innovations that elevated him to science godhood.
  • Tesla not only expanded and revolutionised the work of his predecessors, he also leapfrogged ahead of his contemporaries to the next step.
  • Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research has four parts: background history around the time Tesla lived; Tesla’s autobiography; Tesla’s major research programs explained in simple words; an eighty-page collection of rare photographs taken at several stages of Tesla’s life; from his birth certificate, to the first photograph ever taken by phosphorescent light, to the last known photograph before Tesla’s death, in 1943.
  • One volume: 374 pages.
Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research
Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research

Short Biography

  •  Inventor, Engineer (C. 1856–1943)
  •  Early Life
  •  Famed Inventor
  •  Death And Legacy
  •  Wardenclyffe Project

My Inventions

  • My Early Life
  • My First Efforts At Invention
  • My Later Endeavors
  • The Discovery Of The Tesla Coil And Transformer
  • The Magnifying Transmitter
  • The Art Of Telautomatics

Tesla’s Oscillator And Other Inventions

  •  An Authoritative Account Of Some Of His Recent Electrical Work
  •  The Generation Of Current
  •  Alternating Currents
  •  The Tesla Oscillator
  •  The Oscillator And The Production Of Light
  •  Lamps With Buttons Or Bars In Place Of Filaments
  •  Light And Photographs With Tesla Phosphorescent Bulbs
  •  Light From Empty Bulbs In Free Space
  •  Effects With Attuned But Widely Separated Circuits
  •  Curious “Impedance” Phenomenon
  •  Lamps Lighted By Passed Through The Human Body
  •  Transmission Of Intelligence By Attuned Or “Resonating” Currents
  •  Disturbance And Demonstration Of The Earth’s Electrical Charge In Tesla’s Laboratory

The Magnifying Transmitter (Augmented)

  •  Scrapping The World’s Engines
  •  “Aladdin’s Lamp”
  •  In Faraday’s Chair
  •  Nature’s Trigger
  •  The Magnifying Transmitter
  •  100 Million Volts Possible

The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy

  •  With Special References To The Harnessing Of The Sun’s Energy
  •  The Onward Movement Of Man—The Energy Of The Movement—The Three Ways Of Increasing  Human Energy
  •  The First Problem: How To Increase The Human Mass—The Burning Of Atmospheric Nitrogen
  •  The Second Problem: How To Reduce The Force Retarding The Human Mass— The Art Of  Telautomatics
  •  The Third Problem: How To Increase The Force Accelerating The Human Mass—The Harnessing Of  The Sun’s Energy
  •  The Source Of Human Energy—The Three Ways Of Drawing Energy From The Sun
  •  Great Possibilities Offered By Iron For Increasing Human Performance— Enormous Waste In Iron  Manufacture
  •  Economical Production Of Iron By A New Process
  •  The Coming Of Age Of Aluminium—Doom Of The Copper Industry—The Great Civilizing Potency  Of The New Metal
  •  Efforts Toward Obtaining More Energy From Coal—The Electric Transmission—The Gas-Engine— The Cold-Coal Battery
  •  Energy From The Medium—The Windmill And The Solar Engine,—Motive Power From Terrestrial  Heat—Electricity From Natural Sources
  •  A Departure From Known Methods—Possibility Of A “Self-Acting” Engine Or Machine, Inanimate,  Yet Capable, Like A Living Being, Of Deriving Energy From The Medium—The Ideal Way Of  Obtaining Motive Power
  •  First Efforts To Produce The Self-Acting Engine—The Mechanical Oscillator—Work Of Dewar And  Linde—Liquid Air
  •  Discovery Of Unexpected Properties Of The Atmosphere—Strange Experiments—Transmission Of  Electrical Energy Through One Wire Without Return—Transmission Through The Earth Without Any  Wire
  •  “Wireless” Telegraphy—The Secret Of Tuning—Errors In The Hertzian Investigations—A Receiver  Of Wonderful Sensitiveness
  •  Development Of A New Principle—The Electrical Oscillator—Production Of Immense Electrical  Movements—The Earth Responds To Man—Interplanetary Communication Now Probable
  •  Transmission Of Electrical Energy To Any Distance Without Wires—Now Practicable—The Best  Means Of Increasing The Force Accelerating The Human Mass

Mr. Tesla’s Announcements

  • The Century Magazine, June 1900

A New System Of Alternating Current Motors And Transformers

  • A New System Of Alternating Current Motors And Transformers

The True Wireless

  • The True Wireless

Talking With The Planets

  •  Signalling At 100,000,000 Miles!
  •  Experiments In Colorado
  •  Terrified By Success
  •  Communicating With The Martians

The Eternal Source Of Energy Of The Universe

  • The Eternal Source Of Energy Of The Universe

Nikola Tesla Photo Archive

  • Nikola Tesla Photo Archive


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