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The Art of Doing Business in China • L. Brahm | Discovery Publisher
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The Art of Doing Business
in China

``The Secret To Negotiating In China May Very Well Lie
 In A Knowledge Of The Military Ploys Described
 In China's Ancient Classics...``



In The Art of “doing” Business in China, author Laurence J. Brahm applies Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the ultimate guru’s statement of military strategy, and the Thirty-six Strategies, a collection of sayings which capsulize strategic prowess in ancient Chinese history, to modern-day negotiating situations in China, both commercial and political. The stories in the book, all based on actual happenings, will not only amuse but will provide hope to the many foreigners engaged in the often drawn-out and frustrating process of negotiating a deal in China.

  • Negotiating a deal in China requires patience—a well-known Confucian virtue; persistence—something which comes with time; and survival instincts—something acquired through persistence. For the uninitiated, negotiations in China may come as a culture shock, laced with frustration. For the experienced China trade negotiator, it is a never-ending learning process. For both parties, the secret to negotiating in China may well lie in a knowledge of the military ploys described in China’s ancient classics.
The Art of Doing Business in China, Laurence Brahm
The Art of Doing Business in China, Laurence Brahm


  • Foreword


  • The Anatomy of a Negotiation in China
  • Friendship and Mutual Understanding
  • Frontline Negotiations
  • Backdoor Liaison


  • Enter the Dragon: The Etiquette of What to Do and Not Do When Meeting PRC Officials
  • When Entering the Province, One Should Follow the Customs
  • The Dog Acts Fierce When the Master is Present
  • Obedience is Better Than a Show of Respect


  • The Art of Negotiating in China
  • China Hands
  • Sleeping in the Same Bed but Dreaming Different Dreams
  • The Art of Saying “Yes”
  • Contractual Protection
  • Developing a Legal System—from Scratch
  • Protracted Negotiations
  • Knowing Your Counterpart


  • The 36 Traditional Martial Strategies
  • STRATEGY 1: Cross the Sea by Deceiving the Sky
  • STRATEGY 2: Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao
  • STRATEGY 3: Kill with a Borrowed Knife
  • STRATEGY 4: Relax and Wait for the Adversary to Tire Himself Out
  • STRATEGY 5: Loot a Burning House
  • STRATEGY 6: Make a Feint to the East while Attacking in the West
  • STRATEGY 7: Create Something out of Nothing
  • STRATEGY 8: Pretend to Advance down One Path while Taking Another Hidden Path
  • STRATEGY 9: Watch the Fire Burning from across the River
  • STRATEGY 10: Conceal a Dagger in a Smile
  • STRATEGY 11: Sacrifice the Plum for the Peach
  • STRATEGY 12: Take away a Goat in Passing
  • STRATEGY 13: Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake
  • STRATEGY 14: Raise a Corpse from the Dead
  • STRATEGY 15: Lure the Tiger out of the Mountain
  • STRATEGY 16: Let the Adversary off in Order to Snare Him
  • STRATEGY 17: Cast a Brick to Attract a Jade
  • STRATEGY 18: To Catch Bandits. Nab Their Ringleader First
  • STRATEGY 19: Remove the Fire from under the Cauldron
  • STRATEGY 20: Catch Fish from Troubled Waters
  • STRATEGY 21: The Cicada Sheds Its Shell
  • STRATEGY 22: Fasten the Door to Catch a Thief
  • STRATEGY 23: Befriend a Distant State while Attacking a Neighboring State
  • STRATEGY 24: Borrow a Safe Passage to Conquer the Kingdom of Guo
  • STRATEGY 25: Steal the Beams and Pillars and Replace Them with Rotten Timber
  • STRATEGY 26: Point at the Mulberry but Curse the Locust
  • STRATEGY 27: Play Dumb
  • STRATEGY 28: Remove the Ladder after Your Ascent
  • STRATEGY 29: Decorate the Tree with Fake Blossoms
  • STRATEGY 30: Turn Yourself into a Host from Being a Guest
  • STRATEGY 31: Use a Beauty to Ensnare a Man
  • STRATEGY 32: Open the Gate of an Undefended City
  • STRATEGY 33: Use Your Adversary’s Spies to Sow Discord in Your Adversary’s Camp
  • STRATEGY 34: Inflict Pain on Yourself in Order to Infiltrate Your Adversary’s Camp and in the Confidence of the Enemy
  • STRATEGY 35: Lead Your Adversary to Chain Together Their Warships
  • STRATEGY 36: Retreat is the Best Option


  • Glossary


  • Chronology of Chinese Dynasties


  • Foreign Investors’ Guide to Maotai Avoidance


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