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Jesus Indeed
Joseph Torie

There are many shades and versions of Christianity, born of different interpretations by disciples, followers, and evangelists. One could argue endlessly about who is right or wrong, and which way believers should embrace.

Jesus Indeed
Redefining Christianity according to
the Words of Jesus and the Gospels


There are many shades and versions of Christianity, born of different interpretations by disciples, followers, and evangelists. One could argue endlessly about who is right or wrong, and which way believers should embrace.

  • A matter of fact is that even the most committed believers have made mistakes in following Jesus, undoubtedly because of the human factor involved. Therefore, one could ask what path should a Christian follow.
  • In this thoroughly documented book based on over 40 years of extensive and dedicated study of the Gospels, Joseph Torie claims the answer is in Jesus’ own words as recorded in the Gospels. In Jesus Indeed, Torie:
    • Defines what a Christian is according to the words of Christ and points out where even some of the early ‘followers’ missed the path of Jesus’ words;
    • places the Lord’s words in the Gospels above the claims of the New and Old Testaments as well as above the teaching of the most ardent disciples, apostles, and followers;
    • Helps the reader rediscover the treasures of the words of Jesus in the Gospels, the Way, the Truth and the Life.
  • Praise for Jesus Indeed:
    • “A book that disturbs… then, makes you ponder and wonder…”
    • “There comes a book like this once in a lifetime…”
    • “An account that every True Seeker should read.”
Jesus Indeed: Redefining Christianity according to the Words of Jesus and the Gospels, Joseph Torie
Jesus Indeed: Redefining Christianity according to the Words of Jesus and the Gospels, Joseph Torie

Table of Contents

Chapter One

  • Jesus, The Foundation
  • Commitments and Dedication
  • Come to Jesus!
  • Build on The Rock Foundation
  • The Writers of the four Gospels, and the particular Focus of their Accounts
  • The objective and unprejudiced Records of the Gospels
  • The existing minor Discrepancies between the Gospels show that the Records have not been tampered with, but that the Originals have been preserved faithfully
  • The gospel Writers did exercise a measure of Self-censure in what they said plainly and what they only suggested, without giving too many Details
  • Jesus spent two Days in a ‘Samaritan’ Town in which the whole population believed He is the Messiah, but there is little Record of what Jesus said
    and did during those two Days
  • Relevance of the Gospels of John and Matthew
  • Luke
  • Luke quotes the great Rabbi Gamaliel, who was also mentioned in the Talmud
  • Mark
  • The Reliability of ‘The Gospels’, also known as ‘The Good News’

Chapter Two

  • The Eternal and the Temporal; The Universal and the Individual
  • Keep in Mind the Different Contexts in the Words of Jesus
  • The eternal and universal Contexts
  • The temporal and individual Contexts
  • Sometimes the eternal Context Passages seem to contradict the temporal Context ones
  • Where is Heaven? Up There, Down Here, and is Within You
  • Heaven is everywhere and it is also placed in an eternal, universal and imperceptible Context outside of Time and Space
  • Who was Jesus talking to?
  • Answers Jesus offered in an individual Context may apply also to the Eternal One
  • Read carefully!
  • In Heaven there are Rewards much greater than being the King of one of the Tribes of Israel
  • No Need to classify every Passage in the Gospels as to whether they are part of the Temporal or Eternal Contexts, but it is important to be aware of the existence of this Difference
  • The sum of Jesus’ Teaching as recorded in the Gospels provides a safe guide to understand His individual Messages

Chapter Three

  • Marriage, Divorce and Adultery; are we all at fault?
  • “An evil and adulterous Generation”
  • Spiritual adultery in the eternal and universal Context
  • Jesus taught about Marriage in the eternal and in the temporal Contexts
  • Moses allowed the Hebrews to divorce because of the hardness of their Hearts
  • Why did Jesus say that whether we marry or not, or divorce or not, we might all be at fault?
  • Does Jesus expect that we pluck out our Eyes, so that we could be saved from Hell?
  • Or did He mean that none of us is ‘good’ and that we all need to receive the Gift of Salvation by Grace that God is offering us?
  • Why didn’t Jesus condemn the Woman caught in adultery, but instead forgave her?
  • Our only Hope
  • There is neither Marriage, nor Divorce in Heaven

Chapter Four

  • The Church and “Don’t be a ‘judge’ and you will not be judged”
  • Jesus is the Only Way to God
  • Jesus, the Word of God
  • Jesus provided through His words and actions the Blueprint for the Church from the time of His departure until the time that He will return
  • Christians follow the Blueprint of the Gospels not to lose the Way
  • But shouldn’t I belong to a Church if I believe in Jesus, and to which One?
  • What is the meaning of the word ‘Church’?
  • Jesus is the Rock and the Cornerstone of the Church and those that believe in Him are the Living Stones that make up His spiritual House
  • Peter, A Stone [John 1:42] and a Doorkeeper
  • Jesus is the Vine, the different Individuals and Churches are His Branches, and God is the Keeper of the Vine
  • To Judge’ in this Study means ‘to assess’, rather than ‘to condemn’
  • Would the Lord slay the Righteous also when He rightfully slays the Wicked?
  • If the Theories, Doctrines, or Practices of a Group of Christians contradict or deviate from the Teaching of Jesus, we should stick to the Words of Jesus, as revealed in the Gospels
  • Let’s Mind our own Steps and Decisions, and not judge others, as all sensible and wise pardoned Convicts should do
  • Wise and Loving Judgment
  • By the way, who are the Blessed?
  • If we don’t forgive other People, we might not be forgiven
  • Could the Lord still make us pay our Debts, once we have been pardoned those Debts?
  • God assesses people individually, according to their Faith, Circumstances and Decisions
  • God’s General Amnesty -Salvation by Grace- simplified the Process of assessing and judging the Actions of the Saved, as all their Sins were forgiven!

Chapter Five

  • The difference between Believers and Followers
  • Understanding the Difference between Believing and Following
  • Believers
  • To believe in Jesus, the Savior, is the only Condition to be saved
  • As Sheep having no earthly Shepherd
  • The Lord doesn’t forsake His ‘Sheep’ even if they leave their former Churches
  • Salvation and being a Believer is a Pure Gift from God, through Jesus
  • Being a Believer is not a Service to God or to anybody else
  • The Path of ‘Minimum’ Service
  • “Go Home to your Friends, and tell them how great Things the Lord has done for you”
  • Difference between ‘doing a minimum Service’ and ‘attending a Service’
  • Then, what is being a Follower?
  • Serving others… and being ‘unprofitable’ Servants to Jesus
  • Jesus loves, cares for and rewards His Servants
  • Followers and Disciples of Jesus are in a completely different Category than ‘mere’ Believers in Jesus
  • “If any Man come to me, and hate not his Father, and Mother, and Wife, and Children, and Brethren, and Sisters, yea, and his own Life also, he cannot be my Disciple” [Luke 14:26]
  • Jesus didn’t love His life on Earth, and probably He hated it also, or He wouldn’t had asked the same from His Followers
  • “He that doesn’t take his Cross, and follows after Me, is not worthy of Me” [Matthew 10:38]
  • Jesus called His first Followers to become “Fishers of Men”
  • Jesus’ Disciples almost stopped following Him because they didn’t have ‘Spirit Power’
  • Jesus told Peter, “Feed my Lambs”
  • If you don’t have it yet, Grab the Power… of God’s Spirit!
  • Peter told the Followers, years later, “Feed the Flock of God, which is among you”
  • How to become one of Jesus’ own Brethren?
  • The smartest Thing a Follower of Jesus can do is to follow Jesus’ Words and Sample

Chapter Six

  • Follow The Lord, and the dangers of following Followers
  • “My sheep hear my voice… and they follow Me” [John 10:27]
  • “If you continue in My word, then are you My disciples indeed” [John 8:31]
  • Do you follow Jesus, or are you a follower of Moses, or Paul, or Peter, or someone else?
  • “Is Jesus divided? Was Paul crucified for you?” [1 Corinthians 1:13]
  • If Paul demanded unconditional and blind Faith in his Leadership, he was wrong
  • “Jesus is become of no effect unto you, whoever of you are (trying to be) justified by the law (of Moses); you are fallen from grace” [Galatians 5:4]
  • However, Paul went astray and compromised denying the Gospel of Jesus in his last Visit to Jerusalem
  • Formerly Paul had rightly taught that Salvation is a Gift received by Grace alone, without having to keep any Old Testament religious Laws or Commandments
  • Paul’s Disobedience to the Spirit had been one of the Factors misleading Generations of Christians ever since
  • ‘Paul was running well; who did hinder him that he should not obey the Truth?’ [Galatians 5:7, paraphrased]
  • In the end, Paul died as a “Transgressor” [Galatians 2:18] … his own Words condemn him
  • Saint Paul’s Transgression proves that we should follow Jesus and His Words, as recorded in the Gospels, above the Words of even the most revered and passionate Christian Leaders
  • In defense of Saint Paul
  • “No one is Good, except One, that is God”, Jesus taught so!
  • If neither Paul, nor Peter, nor Moses, nor you, nor I are good, let us follow Jesus!
  • The Hebrew Christian Church in Jerusalem imposed the Law of Moses above God’s Grace and Truth
  • Dear Paul’s sad End: “the Dog is turned to his own Vomit”
  • Let’s follow Jesus, the only One that Never fails

Chapter Seven

  • Two different Testaments for two different Types of People
  • What applies from Scripture to Believers and Followers of Jesus and what it doesn’t!
  • Differences between the Lord’s Relationship with Abraham and His Relationship with many of the Descendants of Abraham, the children of Israel
  • The Relationship between the Lord and Believers is based on pure Faith
  • The Covenant of the Old Testament was based on Flesh and Blood
  • The Difference between Abraham’s Faith and the Unbelief of the children of Israel
  • The Covenant of the New Testament in Jesus’ Blood is based on the Spirit and Faith
  • Abraham had an unusual and outstanding Faith in the Lord
  • The lack of Faith of most of the Children of Israel and Hebrew Descendants of Abraham
  • The Law was given for the Lawless and Disobedient
  • The Old Testament offers plenty of Evidence of why the Children of Israel were put ‘under the Law’
  • The Law of Moses included both a Curse and a Promise; Blessings to the Believers and Curses to the Unbelievers
  • There is no religious Law that can save, and that’s why God had promised a Savior
  • ‘Tokens’ of Covenants
  • The above are historical Facts
  • Let’s not get too critical of the Children of Israel, look at Adam and Eve who were given only one Rule to keep, but they couldn’t keep it
  • This is the Reason why God offered the New Testament in Jesus’ Blood
  • A confusing use of the Terms Old and New Testament
  • Believers in Jesus have many Things in common with Abraham and the Patriarchs, specifically with their faith, but little in common with the unbelieving Children of Israel
  • The Nation of Israel resembled many other Nations who struggle for material Possessions, while using their Religion to justify their Conquests, claiming them as their divine Right

Chapter Eight

  • You can’t follow Jesus and Moses: Choose One!
  • Two different People who were given two different Testaments and Covenants
  • The New Testament in Jesus is as different from the Law of Moses as ‘an Eye for an Eye’ is different from ‘turn the other Cheek’, or as ‘hate your Enemies’ is from ‘Love your Enemies’
  • Jesus fulfilled the Law of Moses, the Prophecies and the Promises given to Abraham
  • The illogical and contradictory Views of some conservative born again Christians
  • Jesus didn’t promise the Land of Canaan to those that believe in Him, but Something much greater and truly eternal: the Kingdom of Heaven
  • If you want to live in the Past, go back pass the Law of Moses and all the way to the Faith of Abraham; but you would be losing much, as the Savior hadn’t given His life for us yet
  • Why did the Lord get rid of the religious Laws and offered Salvation as a Gift, received only through the Righteousness of Faith
  • The New Testament in the Blood of Jesus, unlike the Law of Moses, doesn’t include any Curse
  • Why did the Lord allow King David to break the Laws of Moses and held him blameless
  • Those who believe in Jesus live under God’s Laws of Mercy and Love, not under the Laws of Moses, and God is much greater than Moses
  • “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” [Matthew 9:13]
  • Forget the religious Laws; the Only Way to be saved is by Faith in God’s Grace through Jesus!
  • Why did Jesus say that He didn’t “come to destroy the law, or the prophets: but to fulfill”
  • This is why Jesus had to fulfill the Law of Moses! And why we don’t have to and anyway, we couldn’t even if we’d try to!
  • God’s Grace and Love for those that believe in Jesus’ Words
  • Don’t be Dumb, and accept the Gift God is offering!

Chapter Nine

  • A brief History of the Children of Israel and their Relationship with the Lord
  • A mostly one-sided love Relationship
  • Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob) didn’t build any Temple to the Lord and didn’t have any earthly King over them, and they did just fine
  • The Lord loved and blessed the Patriarchs for their straightforward Faith in Him
  • In Egypt, the Lord multiplied the Descendants of Israel from seventy people to millions in four hundred Years
  • A Horror of great Darkness
  • As the Children of Israel grew in Numbers, they also grew apart from the Lord
  • The Exodus from Egypt and the further Distancing between the Lord and the Children of Israel
  • The GOD of Israel wanted to be their King, but the Children of Israel asked for a man to be their King
  • The Children of Israel “have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them” [1 Samuel 8:7]
  • The children of Israel kept adding more Barriers between the Lord and them
  • The purpose of the Laws of Moses
  • An Example of People who believed in the Lord, just because of what He said
  • God is not a Homeless God
  • The Temple in Jerusalem added yet another Layer of separation between the Lord and the People of Israel
  • “In My Father’s House… where I am, there you may be also.” [John 14:2 and 3]
  • Temporal Jerusalem, ‘the City of Peace’, has seldom known Peace

Chapter Ten

  • The Temple Itch and the eternal Failure of temporal Wisdom
  • The Purpose of the above and the following Sections
  • Some Consequences of the building of one of the biggest Christian Churches
  • The Temple Itch
  • The Lord definitely didn’t want for the Children of Israel to build Him a Temple
  • The Lord is not interested in keeping up with the Joneses and in keeping up with the Temples of other Nations or other Religions
  • How could a Man of War build a Temple to the Prince of Peace?
  • At the insistence of David, the Lord allowed David’s son, Solomon, to build Him a ‘House’, on a Trial basis
  • The Lord appeared to Solomon twice
  • The Lord’s great Promises to Solomon and to the Children of Israel, and the Conditions to receive them
  • The Lord graciously put His Light in the first Temple of Solomon symbolizing His Presence
  • Solomon asked for Wisdom ‘to be a good King’, a type of Wisdom in the temporal Context
  • The beginning of the eternal Wisdom is…
  • ‘Do this’ and ‘Don’t do that’ versus ‘God forgives you because He loves you and He offers you His Son, do you want Him?’
  • What went wrong with Solomon, assuming that he was the wisest King of Israel?
  • Solomon offered the greatest Proof that his Wisdom was of the temporal Context kind
  • In the eternal Context only a Fool would think he can build a ‘House’ for the Living God of Heaven and Earth
  • What does Scripture say about Solomon forsaking the Lord?

Chapter Eleven

  • Could a Temple where God lived have been destroyed two Times?
  • Differences between the eternal and infinite Wisdom of God and the temporal kind of Wisdom
  • Even a wild Flower on a Field is dressed more lavishly than Solomon ever did
  • Where is now the fruit of Solomon’s earthly and temporal Wisdom?
  • The kingdom of Israel was divided right after Solomon’s death
  • Could a Temple where God lived have been destroyed two Times?
  • How to make a false god, according to the Prophet Isaiah
  • King Herod the Great built the final Temple
  • How could have Herod the Great (Murderer), build ‘a Temple for the Lord’, when He even tried to kill the Lord?
  • The Generation that claimed the responsibility of the Blood of Jesus over themselves and over their Children
  • The Lord’s views on Temples built for Him, religious Ceremonies and Sacrifices
  • What matters to the Lord?
  • Why should Believers and Followers of Jesus build any more earthly Temples of which, like the Great Temple in Jerusalem, there might not be left one Stone left upon another?
  • We cannot build a House for God, but He has built an eternal House and Kingdom for all who believe in His Son, Jesus, and in His Words
  • ‘God Is’ and doesn’t Need We build Him anything
  • Those that believe in the Lord are the Lord’s Temple… on Earth
  • God is a Spirit and wants People who worship Him in the Temple of their Hearts
  • In Heaven the ‘Temple Table’ is turned around

Chapter Twelve

  • “He that comes from Heaven is above all” [John 3:31]
  • The Word of God made Human Flesh
  • “He that comes from Heaven is above all” [John 3:31]
  • John the Baptist neither ate Meat, nor drunk Wine, but Jesus drunk Wine and ate with the worst ‘Sinners’ in Town
  • Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest Prophet born of woman, but that while John was on Earth, the least in Heaven was greater than him
  • The Words of Jesus, the Son and the Word of God, are above the Teachings of any of His Followers of all Time, including the Apostles and the Prophets
  • “Blessed is he, whoever shall not be offended in Me” [Matthew 11:6]
  • Some had put the Words of Jesus on equal footing with the Words of Followers, Apostles and Prophets
  • John the Baptist still has a number of Followers today
  • The Words of Jesus are the Standard to measure the Words of all His Messengers and Followers of all Time; it is not the other way around 177
  • Putting the Cart in front of the Horse
  • “Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead” [Matthew 8:22]
  • The Epistles included in the ‘New Testament’ are only helpful ‘Explanations, Views and Commentaries of the Gospels written by early Followers’
  • The Writers of the Epistles gave mostly temporal Advice to their ‘flocks’ but they have been elevated to the eternal and universal Context and imposed on everybody since
  • “Teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” [Matthew 15:9]
  • Paul forbade Women to speak in Christian Meetings, quoting the Law of Moses, while claiming that those were ‘the Commandment of the Lord’ to Believers
  • Believers are one an equal to each other, regardless of gender!
  • Maybe what Paul wrote about the Corinthian Women was right…for the Corinthians
  • “They bind heavy Burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on (wo)men’s Shoulders; but they (men) will not move them with one of their Fingers” [Matthew 23:4]
  • There is always a Risk that Freedoms can be misused, but Jesus makes us Free anyway
  • The Christian Church doesn’t have any ‘Fathers’, except God, and no ‘Masters’, except Jesus Christ!
  • The greatest possible Righteousness is to believe in God’s Mercy and in the Lord’s Words; and the greatest possible Unrighteousness is not to believe in them

Chapter Thirteen

  • Religious Dogma breeds Self-righteousness
  • Why was Jesus often merciful and understanding with ‘Sinners’, but blunt and curt with the ‘good’ religious People?
  • Jesus’ Enemies weren’t worse ‘Sinners’ than some of the People who believed in Jesus and were forgiven! We are all bad! Their Problem was that they thought they were good!
  • Let’s not do the same
  • We all are Sinners and no Good!
  • The Parable of the Religious Man and of the Sinner
  • Word of advice to the Over-religious, and to the ‘very’ Righteous… from Jesus
  • “You don’t know what manner of Spirit you are of. For the Son of Man is not come to destroy Men’s lives, but to save them” [Luke 9:55 and 56]
  • Jesus’ Compassion towards the Downtrodden and outright Sinners
  • The Circumcision of the Heart [Romans 2:29]: Ouch! A Process painful to our Pride, but worth the Trouble
  • Paul’s greatest Transgression
  • Contrast between Saint Paul and King David, two of the Lord’s Men of force
  • In his last Visit to Jerusalem, Paul reversed his own Letter to the Galatians by compromising the Truth of the Gospel
  • James, the Lord’s Brother, a false Brother, brought in unaware, who came in privily to bring them back into the bondage of the Law of Moses
  • James, the Lord’s Brother became the Leader of the Hebrew Christian Church based on Blood and Flesh, and according to the Hebrew Traditions

Chapter Fourteen

  • “Be therefore Merciful, as your Father also is Merciful” [Luke 6:36]
  • If the Lord had blessed Sinners with Salvation by Grace, why couldn’t He forgive other Sinners and bless them also?
  • “Is your Eye evil because I am Good” [Matthew 20:16]
  • Many will be blessed even if they were not Believers
  • Some would say, “…but he that believes not shall be damned” [Mark 16:16]
  • Would the Lord ‘damn’ all those which were never told about Salvation during the last two thousand Years?
  • What about the People that chose not to believe, because they were ‘preached’ at the point of the Sword, or at the point of the Gun?
  • “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the World; but that the World through Him might be saved.” [John 3:17]
  • Blessed are the Poor in Spirit… and they that mourn… and the Meek… and those that hunger and thirst for Righteousness… and the Merciful… and the Peacemakers…
  • “This people draw close to me with their Mouth, and honor me  with their Lips; but their Heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me…” [Matthew 15:7 to 9]
  • “I send you forth as Sheep in the midst of Wolves: be therefore wise as Serpents and harmless as Doves” [Matthew 10:16]
  • The Lord will bless the Missionaries and the ones that strove to show His Love to others, even to their ‘Enemies’
  • The Lord will give the Earth to the Meek and Merciful not to the Warmongers
  • God is the God of Love above all, but also He is the God of Justice

Chapter Fifteen

  • What is Eternal Life?
  • Blinded by their Religiosity some people believe that the Lord is a harsh Judge that wouldn’t have Mercy on anyone who isn’t saved
  • “Then shall the King say unto them, Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world”
  • Millions of the Unsaved from all Nations and from all Time, will be blessed with eternal Life and with a Kingdom on Earth
  • The King of Kings, obviously, has many Kingdoms and One is earmarked for those who were Merciful to the least of His Brethren
  • Don’t you want to help and save those you love? God also, but infinitely more so!
  • Heaven is the Home of the Saved; and the New Earth will be the Home of the Meek and others whom the Lord will bless, although they were not saved
  • The Book of Revelation describes Nations which will live on the New Earth and have their own Kings
  • Common Misunderstanding about Salvation and Eternal Life
  • Salvation and Eternal Life are two different Things, although they have come to be viewed as One and the Same
  • Get a Life… ETERNAL that is!
  • Why do we quote the Book of Revelation in this Study of the Gospels?
  • LIFE + Eternal is Awesome
  • A short and necessary Detour into the Field of Prophecy
  • The First Resurrection, the Resurrection of the saved

Chapter Sixteen

  • Why Salvation is even greater than Eternal Life?
  • Is to have one’s Name ‘written in the Book of Life’ the same as ‘being saved’?
  • The ‘Rest of the Dead’ will be judged, each one according to their Works, and some will be blessed and some damned
  • Salvation is even greater than Eternal Life, here it is why
  • “I said, ‘You are Gods’” [John 10:34]
  • “What therefore God had joined together, let not man put asunder” [Matthew 19:6]
  • The Lamb of God, Jesus, gets married to His Bride, the Bride of the Lamb
  • If we believe in Jesus God wipes away all our Sins and makes us fit for His Kingdom!
  • The New Jerusalem, the City of God
  • I, John, saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem
  • Time to say goodbye, for a while


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